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This blog is just stories I write about Josh Hutcherson. I take requests and I do have my own story but I wrote a couple of chapter and no one seemed to like that so if people tell me they want it back, I will bring it back and still write requests. :)

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Josh’s Casual Sex, part 2 WARNING: Josh is rough in this story!

Hello, hello. :) Here is my follow up of Josh’s casual sex. Josh is a rough lover this time, I hope you enjoy it, leave love! :) <3

When I awake I practically jump out of my bed. I wonder what time it is… I think to myself. I look over at my wall clock which read 12:15. 12:15?! What the hell? How is it even possible to sleep that long?!  I push the thought out of my head and run to my kitchen. I grab a banana from the fruit bowl and a greek yogurt from the fridge.  I shovel both into my mouth and plop onto the couch while simultaneously turning on the T.V. to TMZ, my favorite show. I watched as the hosts joked and talked, chuckling to myself a few times. After TMZ was over and I was done eating I walked back into the kitchen, throwing away my trash and cleaning off my spoon before returning to the almighty T.V. Since my episode of TMZ was over I switched the channel to TLC and watched a marathon of the show Four Weddings.

 I laid on the couch lazily for hours until I noticed the time was 5:45, and that’s when I clicked off the moving pictures and walked back into my room, turning on the light. I grabbed my phone which I had left on my dresser to find that no one had texted or called me. Now, now. Don’t everybody all talk at once. I thought, chuckling at my own humor. I walked over to my closet to find something nice and sexy to wear to tonight, choosing a black skin tight dress that cut off mid-thigh and had cap sleeves. I smiled while looking at the perfect dress which would get me laid. I set the dress down on to my bed and walked into my bathroom, blasting my iPod from its iHome with music by Grouplove.

 I inspected myself in the mirror for just a moment then turned on the faucet to the sink, splashing water onto my face and scrubbing. After I felt my face was clean I brushed out my waist length blond hair and took the wand to it, curling each strand with care until my hair had doubled in volume from all the curls. I then opened up my make-up drawer and applied a smoky look to my eyes finishing it off with thick black mascara. I then lightly brushed pink blush onto my cheeks. Once I was satisfied with how my hair and make-up looked, I trotted back into my room and slid into the gorgeous dress. I looked down at my bare feet and wiggled my toes thinking to myself, well this simply won’t do. To resolve the problem I returned to the closet and picked out a pair of red pumps. To make the look all connect together I smeared red lipstick onto my lips. I nodded one more time in approval as I sprayed on my vanilla bean perfume. Just as I was about to call Josh to ask where he was there was a knock at my door.  I opened it to reveal a stunningly handsome Josh, I’m pretty sure I again started drooling.

We sat staring at each other until Josh broke the silence by saying,” you look- you looking amazing!” I laughed and said,” yes, you too look rather handsome this evening,” with a fake accent that made him laugh, which caused my knees tremble. He gestured toward the walkway leading toward my driveway, so I walked out of my house, closing the door behind and walked in front of Josh, shaking my hips slightly more than usual. As I walked around the corner I looked for his car but was surprised when I saw a motorcycle sitting on the cement. I stopped and just looked at the bike.

“What do you think?” He asked, smiling.

I took a deep breath and replied with,” all right, guess there’s a first time for everything!” making him chuckle, which in turn made my knees tremble again. Note to self, no more being funny. We walked over to the bike and Josh gently strapped a helmet onto my head. After he was done, he walked around to the other side of the motorcycle to grab his helmet and get on his bike. Once he was preoccupied with his helmet I murmured to myself,” I better get laid tonight…”

Josh looked up and said,” Hm?” I just gave him my best smile and said, ”nothing.” Josh and I both got onto the bike and he drove us to the nicest club in town. We were let in right away, thanks to Josh’s status. We sat at the bar, had a few drinks, which turned into a lot of drinks, which turned into getting drunk, which turned into awkward dancing, which soon turned into intense grinding. As we were dancing in the middle of the crowd, both of us sweating, I ran my hands up and down his thighs as his explored my chest and torso through the material of my dress.

Finally Josh growled in my ear, “I’m done with this, I need to be inside of you.”  He grabbed my wrist and guided me through the crowd of young, drunk teenagers toward the exit. As we walked I noticed the bathrooms. I flipped my hand over and grabbed his wrist pulling him in the opposite direction toward the bathrooms. I pulled him in front of me and shoved him through the door, his back slamming against tile as the door shut. The bathroom was only meant for one.

 I turned and locked the door, turning back around and saying, “ Apparently I need you more than you need me.” And with that, Josh crashed his lips onto mine, as he pinned me to the door. His tongue thrust into my mouth roughly without me even granting access, I was turned on and returned the favor, none the less. Josh brought his hands around to my back, unzipping my dress. I let the straps fall off of my shoulders and the dress slid down my body to the floor, leaving me in just my red thong. Josh stood back and surveyed my body.

After a few seconds he leaned in again, murmuring,” So fucking sexy…” We kissed passionately for a little while longer until I couldn’t take it anymore and dropped down to my knees, practically ripping off his pants. He helped me take them the rest of the way off as he dropped his boxer briefs down to his knees. I stared in shock at his huge cock, inches from my hungry lips, when suddenly I felt his hands on the back of my head, pushing me toward his throbbing member.

“Come on baby, take my cock in your mouth.” He said huskily, looking down on me. He was being rough and it had me flowing like a river. I opened my mouth wide and Josh slammed his cock into my mouth without warning, sliding down my throat.

“Oh shit,” he said, ”your tongue is so warm and soft.” I smiled even though my lips could barely stretch any farther. I started to bob my head up and down, taking him in completely.

After a few minutes I felt his dick twitch and his hands went to the back of my head, gripping my hair, and he slid me all the way down to his balls, “take my balls into your mouth also. Put them in your mouth.” he said, and I did as I was told as he cummed into my throat. I felt it slide all the way down, savoring the way it felt and tasted. He left his cock in my mouth until I couldn’t breath, then he pulled out saying,” your turn.” with a sly smile on his face. I looked up at him, still on my knees and licked my lips, ever so slowly. He groaned and lifted me up off of the floor, lifting my hips and setting them onto the sink.

“Lean back.” He said, pushing my shoulders back until my blades hit the mirror. He then licked my jaw all the way down to my abdomen. He placed several kisses on my stomach, slowly going lower and lower, until I finally couldn’t take it and shoved his face down to my folds. He wasted no time by shoving his tongue into me.

“Oh my God, Josh! Oooh bay, just like that, yes!” I practically screamed into the little bathroom.

He stopped and looked up at me saying,” you’re already soaking wet and I haven’t even fucked you yet,” with a cocky grin on his face. All I could do was groan, signifying that I wanted more. Josh again thrust his tongue inside me, twisting his tongue while one of his hands played with my clit and the other massaged one of my breasts.

“Yes, yes! Keep going baby, I’m right there!” I groaned. He stopped immediately, pulling a whimper out from my lips.

“I want you to come all over my cock,” he said, rubbing himself on me. “Beg for it.” He said, firmly.

“Oh, please fuck me Josh!” I said to him, followed by another whimper.

“Not good enough,” he said, “convince me you want it.” He had pushed his dick head into me then pulled out quickly, making me want him even more.

“Oooooh, Josh! Please, please fuck me! I want to feel you inside of me! I want you to fuck me so hard everyone in the club can hear me scream!” He chuckled and shoved into me, making me gasp. He gave me no time to adjust and kept pounding me over and over again, harder, faster.

“I’m so close!” I yelled. Josh took his thumb and rubbed me as he kept thrusting, bringing me over the edge. I saw a flash of light and my body seemed to catch fire as the pleasure took over. “Oh, shit!” I yelled as I rode out my orgasm, biting onto Josh’s neck lightly. Josh continued to pound into me, even though I felt as though my body would shatter.

“Fuck, your walls tightened around me! I can’t hold it in!” Josh moaned, and with that I felt him release inside of me, yelling every curse word you could think of, burying his face in my hair. After we both caught our breath and could actually walk again, we cleaned ourselves up, put on our clothes and left the bathroom, leaving a steamy mirror behind us. Josh drove me home after a couple more drinks and I invited him to stay the night but he refused and left, leaving me to sleep alone.

The next morning I woke up at 10:00. I stretch in bed and realize how sore I am from my rough sex with Josh the night before. I walk to my kitchen and grab some graham crackers and vanilla greek yogurt and plop myself on to the couch to catch the 10:30 episode of TMZ. I drop my breakfast to the floor as I hear one of the hosts announce, “so, Josh Hutcherson has a hickey!”

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