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Josh Gets Jealous of Jasmin’s Best Guy Friend

Hello, hello! Here is the stroy about Josh getiing extremely jealous of his girlfriend’s best guy friend, I hope you all enjoy it! Next up, Josh dates Jen’s sister. :) I need names for Jen’s sister so if any of you B E A U T I F U L peaople have any recommendations, I’m all ears. :) Remember to send in your requests and leave love! :) <3

                “No! No, you cheater!” Josh yelled to me.

I giggled and said,” I am no such thing!”

“Your twist was, and I quote: ‘I will spin around three times with my eyes closed, then continue to bowl my ball with my eyes still shut’. You did not do that!” he argued.

“I did too!” I countered.

“No, no, no. You spun around three times, paused for like, thirty years, then bowled with your eyes open!”

“Fine!” I laughed,” I didn’t do exactly what I said I would.”

“Exactly,” he replied,” In turn, I am allowed to bowl without any twists.”

“What?!” I asked, raising my eyebrows and pushing him lightly.

“You heard me!” he laughed, grabbing me in his arms.

I kissed his lips then said,” Fine, go.” He smiled down at me and kissed my forehead, then strutted his sexy ass over to his bowling ball. I chuckled to myself and shook my head lightly when I saw him wiggle his butt at me. I walked to my chair and sat down, pulling out my phone. I had one new text from David. David was my absolutely, 100% best friend, right next to Josh. I trusted them both with my life entirely.

Jasmin, I’m waiting in line at Blockbuster and the girl in front of me smells of a concoction of melted rubber and rotten cheese. Save me, for the love of God, someone please help.

I laughed obnoxiously at the totally askew text from my friend.

“What are you laughing at, little miss beautiful?” Josh asked me, taking a seat next to my own. I coughed then quickly wiped the smile off my face. Although he’d never admit it, Josh was extremely jealous of David, even though I’ve told him several hundred times I don’t want anyone but him.

“Nothing,” I said flatly. Josh scrunched his eyebrows and grabbed my phone out of my hand so fast I almost didn’t see him move. Josh’s face went from content to almost angry as he read the text.

“Really?” he asked me, while looking up from the phone. “On our date night, are you serious right now, Jasmin?”

“Josh, come on, relax, I’m here with you, it’s okay,” I said soothingly, placing my hands on his legs.

“No, it’s not okay! We haven’t had a date night in months, where it was just us enjoying each other’s company and the first night we do, you’re not even giving me your full attention!” he began to raise his voice at me.

“Josh, please calm down,” I pleaded to him, looking around at the few people stealing glances at us. “I won’t even text him back, baby. In fact, I’ll turn my phone off, alright?”

“Calm down? I’ll calm down when you decide that I’m more important than your little friend,” he said, placing air quotes around the word “friend”.

“Josh, you know you’re my number one priority, you mean the world to me,” I told him.

“Obviously not!” he yelled back to me. “I want you to stop talking to him Jasmin, end-o-story.” Taken aback, I stared at my boyfriend who was now standing, glaring down at me. I stood up.

“I will not allow you to speak to me like that. Do you think I’m stupid? Do you not think I see the way other girls look at you? I know this may come as a shock to you, but I am allowed to have my own life too, outside of this relationship, not just you.”

He stared angrily at me only for a moment before he said,” Fine, well how about you have your own life without this relationship?” His words stole the air from my lungs.

“You don’t mean that,” I whispered.

He clenched his jaw then said,” Oh, but I do.” I felt like I had been thrown off a cliff, my stomach flipping inside of me, the force of the air whipping around my flesh. As I fell, I looked up, seeing Josh stare at me as my helpless body fell rapidly toward the ground. Instantly, hot rage shot through me.

“Good riddance,” I spat at him through clenched teeth. I grabbed the phone from his strong hands and threw off my bowling shoes, storming out of the bowling alley in my socks, my satchel slung over my shoulder. I kept walking through the parking lot until I stopped at the street, cars speeding by me. Then I noticed the tears on my cheeks. I swiped them off quickly then opened my phone and dialed David’s number.

While I waited for David to come pick me up, I sat down on the curb, forcing myself not to think about the fight my boyfriend and I just went through. I jumped when I felt a soft touch on my shoulder. I looked up and saw David’s sweet face looking down at me thoughtfully. I stood up and wrapped my arms around him, resting my chin on his shoulder as another tear took a trip down the apple of my left cheek. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly and when I opened them, I saw Josh staring at me, looking so hurt, it hurt me to even see him.

“Josh,” I breathed. He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it tightly. He shook his head lightly then turned on his heel. I quickly let go of David and ran after him. I grabbed his arm and turned him to face me.

“What do you have to say?” I asked him, slightly winded.

“Nothing, it’s too late now…” he trailed off. I felt a lump in my throat and I tried to swallow it down, but with no luck.

“Too late?” I choked. This is it, he’s ending it for sure.

“David’s already got you…” he almost whimpered, turning to walk away again. Once again I stopped him and said,” The only person who has and will have me forever… Is you.” I pressed my lips tightly to his and felt his hands take their place entangled in my hair.

“I’m so so sorry, baby,” Josh said against my lips,” I love you.”

“I love you too,” I returned.

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