My Light When It Was Dark

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Josh Surprises Alexa By Coming Home To Her Early

Hello, my beautiful and faithful followers! I can’t expleain how much I appreciate your patience with me, I know I haven’t written in a while and I know this stroy is fairly short, but I’m going to try to get on it more often, so I hope you all enjoy it and remember to leave love! <3 :)

                I opened my eyes and tensed my muscles, peering into my dark bedroom. I swore I heard something.

                “Josh…” I whispered, running my hand over his side of the bed only to be disappointed. Oh, right… I’m alone. I closed my eyes again and listened very carefully… Nothing. Whenever Josh was gone my paranoia seemed to shoot up, I hear the wind whistling lightly outside and I assume someone tried to shoot me through an open window but barely missed, the bullet imitating the sound of wind. Breath, Alexa. I thought to myself soothingly.  Feel the warmth of the blanket, let the darkness take you into dream land… I breathed deeply and began to feel my body slump naturally, back to its tired form. I had just fallen unconscious when I felt the opposite side of the bed shift.

                I inhaled sharply and forced myself to roll off the bed, I hit the carpeted floor of my room with a hard thud, the force stealing the air away from my lungs. I gasped loudly and wrapped my arms around my rib cage, fighting to win back my oxygen. I could feel the drumming of heart on my chest.

                “Alexa!” I heard that oh too familiar voice call to me.

                “Josh?” I choked into the darkness.

                “Baby, are you alright??” I heard his feet touch the ground and hurriedly run around the bed over to me. I took another deep breath.

I laughed breathlessly and reached my arms out, hoping to touch the person who I have been longing for most,” What are you doing home?” And there it was, the warmth of his hands grasping mine. I heard him kneel next to me and lift me into the sitting position.

                “The better question is, why is your defense mechanism rolling off of the bed onto the hard, solid ground?” he chuckled teasingly. “I can’t leave you alone anymore.”

                “No! No you can’t!” I yelled, wrapping my arms around his neck, blindly. I heard him laugh sweetly, then he picked me up off the ground and set me back onto our bed. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt his soft, warm lips firmly planted on mine. I moaned lightly and kissed him back, running my hands up his arms to his neck, then pulling him down on top of me. “You have no idea how much I’ve… Needed you lately…” I whispered into his lips.

                “The feeling is mutual,” he breathed back, straddling himself over my hips. I began to run my hand over his toned, muscular chest, feeling what I’ve been missing. When my hand reached his newly chiseled stomach I let out another soft moan, but Josh caught my wrist in his hand, stopping me and pulling away from my lips.

                “Alexa, I mean it, I need you… I missed you so much, could we just talk tonight?” he asked me, brushing the stray strands of hair from my forehead.

                “Sure, baby,” I said, smiling up at him even though I’m sure he could only vaguely make out the smile. He rolled off of me onto his side of the bed and pulled me in close, wrapping the blanket over both of us. His skin was so warm and soft, and his arms fit perfectly around me, securing me to his chest lovingly.

                He kissed my hair lightly then said,” I think one of the things I missed most was cuddling.”

                “Mmmm, me too,” I replied. “So? How was it? Tell me everything!” I said, excitedly. Josh then gushed for a good thirty minutes about how beautiful Hawaii was and how amazing it was to film with Jen and Sam and about what they would all do together when they got bored and all the crazy new food he tried and the spandex suit they made him wear and how much he hated it.

                “Wow, sounds really amazing, Josh. I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself,” I told him happily while I planted a light kiss on his chest.

                “Yeah, it was great, I just wish it would have been perfect, I wish you could have been there,” he told me. “I don’t understand the stupid rules they have about brining family along.”

                “Aw, baby, you gotta understand. This is kinda a huge deal, they have to keep it as secret as possible,” I said.

                “I know, I know… But it’s not like you’re going to steal or reveal anything!” he said loudly.

                I giggled then said,” Shhh… You know that, but they don’t.”

                “Yes they do…” he grumbled. He sighed then said,” But as usual, you’re right, we have to keep it under wraps.”

                “Mhm,” I said sleepily.

                “Sweetie, are you sleepy?” he asked me with a thoughtful voice.

                “No, no, just a little sleepy,” I mumbled back.

                Josh laughed lightly then said,” That’s what I said, weirdo.”

                “Hmm?” I hummed back at him.

                “Okay, baby, sleep tight.” It was silent and I was happy. Josh was finally home and I could finally sleep soundly. I listened to the wind blowing outside and found peace in it, the sound drawing me nearer and nearer to sleep. “Alexa, I love you,” were the last words I heard before I melted into sleep, Josh’s arms still holding me close, his head resting on mine and the beautiful sound of his heart drumming through my ears, like a lullaby that was destined to be played for me and mine to be played for him.

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