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Hannah and Josh Spend Christmas With Josh’s Family

Here’s a nice Christmas story to ease you guys into the Christmas spirit. :) Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Have a safe and wonderful Christmas and don’t forget to keep reading and leave love! :) <3

                I heard scuffling and felt small whiffs of air coming from the movement of the blankets lying next to me and opened my eyes steadily, they burned thanks to the light streaming in from the windows in Josh’s parents’ front room. I looked up and saw the branches of his Christmas tree hanging over my head. I heard a sloshing sound and the little tinking of mugs tapping against each other. I inhaled through my nose and smiled with the familiar scent of hot chocolate and pine tree.

                “Morning, beautiful,” Josh whispered to me, setting down the tray holding the mugs and kissing my cheek lightly. “Merry Christmas.”

                I felt myself being forced back into my seat as the plane came to a stop. I looked over at Josh who was asleep on my shoulder and snoring lightly. I chuckled and looked at the people filing out of the plane. As the line came to an end I whispered in Josh’s ear,” Wake up baby, we’re here…”

                “Hm, what?” he said, practically jumping up. Once he realized where he was and what was going on, he scrubbed his face with his hand and put his head back on my shoulder.

                “Oh no you don’t,” I giggled, picking up his head and unbuckling his seatbelt. “Time for us to get off, we have family waiting!”

                “But I’m tiredddddd!” Josh whined, acting like a five year old.

                I sighed then said,” Come on, big guy. I’ll drive, you just gotta make it to the car, then you can go back to insisting you are still a toddler.” Josh then groaned and stood up, stepping into the aisle and stretching. He opened up the compartment and grabbed our bags, then helped me into the aisle. We walked out of the plane and through the airport to the car Josh’s mom and dad had left for us in the parking lot the night before. We threw our bags in the back seat, literally, and got in.

                I thought Josh was going to drift off to sleep, then he said,” So how was the plane ride?”

                “Ummm, it was pretty nice, actually. Very relaxing. And, thanks again for sitting coach, I felt so much more comfortable there than I would have in first class,” I told him.

                “Anything for you, babe,” he smiled at me, taking my right hand in his. I laughed because he made it sound like I had asked him to skin a sheep and eat it raw. We drove the rest of the way to Josh’s parents’ house in a comfortable silence, him rubbing small, loving circles on the back of my hand with his thumb. We pulled into the driveway and Josh stumbled out of the car and practically ran to the front door, stopping obediently in front of it and knocking. I shut my car door and walked up next to him, giggling.

                “This is your home, right?” I asked.

                “Oh… Right,” he said, opening the door and walking in. Once we were in the house I looked to my left and saw the gorgeous Christmas tree in their front room which they often referred to as their “nap room”. I heard laughing and “hey!”s coming from the kitchen, so I followed the sound trail and smiled to myself as I watched Josh hug his family and I felt tears prick my eyes when I saw Michelle wipe a tear from her cheek, I wonder when the last time Josh saw his family was.

                “Oh!” Michelle exclaimed to drag me out of my thought bubble,” Hannah! Come here, darling! We’ve missed you too!” I smiled and walked over to the loving group as they enveloped me in their arms one by one. After, Josh, his parents and I sat together by the warm, crackling fire and caught up, talking about Josh’s upcoming movies and how well Connor was doing in school and how they were thinking about getting another dog and maybe moving some place new.

We all laughed and talked and enjoyed each other’s company, and in the middle of it all I looked around and thought about how perfectly at home I felt even though this was only the fourth time I’ve been to Josh’s Kentucky home. How sitting here, Josh’s hand resting in mine, his parents laughing while telling us a story, the Christmas tree lighting up the room with happiness, the smell of pine and cinnamon lingering throughout the house, it just all felt so… Right. Like I was finally being wanted somewhere I wanted to be.

 The light conversation and laughter was interrupted with Connor rushing down the stairs and announcing,” I’m going to bed, can I open my single gift now?”

“Yes, of course, sweetie,” Michelle said, still chuckling from our conversation,” Let me just… Connor, it’s 9:00.”

“Yeah, I know,” Connor replied.

“And you’re going to sleep now?” his mother asked.

“Yeah, I’ll just… Go on my laptop until I fall asleep,” he explained. We all laughed lightly at his response. “I said I was going to bed, not to sleep.” His witty addition made us laugh again.

“Okay, okay. Hannah, would you like to pick out the Christmas Eve gift?” Michelle asked me. I looked up at Josh and he smiled at me, nodding toward the tree.

“Oh, I’d be honored,” I replied, giggling. I looked under the tree at the assortment of boxes in different shapes like different sized squares and rectangles and circles and of course the occasional bag. I picked a small to medium sized box with Connor’s name scribbled across the top. I picked it up and tossed it in his direction. He smiled as he caught it in his hands and quickly ripped the paper off, the colorful pieces swiveling down to the ground like feathers. We all got the pleasure of watching his face light up as he observed his gift. Our smiles seemed to be synchronized with his as it grew bigger and bigger the longer he looked at his new possession.

“What is it?” I asked him excitedly.

“A new car!” he exclaimed, holding up the clear box containing a silver key. Josh’s parents laughed together, looking at their blissfully happy son.

 “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Connor yelled repeatedly, running over to his parents to shower them with loving embraces. The looks on their faces were indescribable. Just looking at them made me feel happier, if that was even possible. I wondered if Josh and I would ever have kids of our own. While they were distracted, Josh reached around me and lifted my chin so his lips met mine. This kiss felt different than the others we’ve shared. It was so gentle, like he was afraid to press against me too hard, afraid that I would scatter into a thousand pieces on the floor. It was so urgent, like he needed to get ahold of me before I left, disappeared, melted from his arms with the heat of the now dying fire. Overall, though, it was like he wanted to show me something, show me that this is where I belonged, and this is where I would stay for Christmases to come. Like, no matter what, year in and year out, I would always own a piece of him and he would own a piece of me that no one else could take away.

When he pulled away, I couldn’t formulate words. How could such a simple touch, communicate so much? I had never felt closer to Josh than I did at that moment. I stared into his eyes, trapped in the elaborate pattern of gold, green and blue. I opened my mouth to speak, but was left with no words. He smiled at me in that way that made me feel warm and sparkly.

He leaned in again, but this time he rested his forehead on mine, staring into my eyes softly when finally I felt Connor tap my shoulder and say,” Can I pick out your gift, Hannah?”

“Sure,” I smiled up at him, forcing myself to pull away from Josh. “Wait, what?” I looked around the room, shocked. They got me a gift?

Michelle’s giggle again danced around the room and she said,” Come now, Hannah, you’re part of the family, you don’t think we would have left you hanging!”

“No, I just- I really… I can’t accept anything. I appreciate your thoughts and money so much, but like you said, we’re practically family now, I can’t accept anything.” I babbled, desperately hoping they didn’t waste too much money on me.

“Oh hush,” Josh and his mother said together.

“Connor, hand her that one right there,” Josh said, pointing to a very small box tucked behind the tree. Connor did what he was told and picked up the box, holding it out to me. I had trouble moving, I didn’t want to accept a gift from the ones I loved. “Jesus, Hannah, it’s not a poisonous snake, go ahead and grab it.”

“I…..” I said, stupidly. Josh huffed loudly then grabbed my hand and reached it out, using his other hand to wrap my fingers around the box. I pulled it into my lap, staring down at the turquoise paper with silver ribbon tied around it.

Before I began to unwrap it, I looked around the room at everyone and said,” Thank you… So much.” I got no verbal response, just encouraging smiles, pushing me to open the tiny box. I began by untying the ribbon and setting it down next to me, then I tore at the paper and it fell away easily, revealing a silver box. I gulped and looked at Josh once more and he nodded in approval. I opened the box to reveal a gorgeous tennis bracelet.

“Oh…” I whispered, unable to drag my eyes away from the glittering diamonds in front of me. They all laughed, relieved. Once they were done laughing, I still couldn’t move.

“Here, let me help you,” Josh said, reaching into the box and pulling out the bracelet. “Wrist,” he said, and I stuck out my arm, suddenly excited.  He very skillfully clipped the bracelet around my wrist and I wondered how many girls he’s had in this situation.

“It-It’s stunning,” I said, holding up my wrist for everyone to see. “Thank you, it’s absolutely perfect, I love it. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, dear,” Michelle said, giving me a look that could have fooled even me for being her own daughter. “Josh’s turn!” Josh opened his gift which was another bracelet. It was black leather strips tied to a silver anchor in the middle. The anchor was engraved with: Here to hold you down, always. And our names following it. I was stupidly surprised at how perfect the gift actually was.

“Thanks, guys!” Josh said, proudly sliding on the bracelet. “Perfect fit,” he smiled at us.

“Alright, well I think we ought to get to bed,” Michelle said while standing up. “Goodnight baby, I love you,” she said to Josh, leaning down to kiss his forehead. “Goodnight Hannah, sweetie,” she told me, kissing the top of my head. Then Josh’s father went through the same procedure, grabbing Connor on the way out.

“Goodnight guys, and thank you so much for everything,” I told them as they walked up the stairs. After they were gone and we heard the soft clicking of all their doors shutting, Josh wrapped his arms around me tightly and rolled off the couch, taking me with him. I laughed loudly then smacked my hand over my mouth, remembering that everyone else was off to bed. Josh chuckled next to me and kissed my temple. I rolled myself over so we were lying face to face under the tree. ‘I love you’ Josh mouthed to me, and I did the same, leaning in to kiss his adorable nose.

“Want to crash out here tonight?” Josh asked me.

“What?” I questioned. “Here? In the front room? In your parents’ house?”

“Yeah!” he said,” Why the hell not?”

I chuckled then said,” Okay, sure!” Josh hoisted himself up, jumping over me playfully, then disappeared around the corner, running to grab blankets and pillows. While he was gone my mind again wandered to how many girls he’s had in this exact situation. I wondered if he’d ever truly loved any of them. I wondered if he truly loved me. Before I could analyze it anymore, Josh returned, dropping all kinds off fluffy, warm blankets and pillows on top of me.

He reached down to tickle me and said,” Get up so we can make our bed!” I flinched with his touch and began laughing hysterically trying to push his hands away from me.

“Okay, okay! I’m up, I’m up!” I laughed. When he stopped, we set up our fortress of cotton and warmth together. When we were done, we cuddled under the thick blankets and sat in comfortable silence, our eyes closed, expressing our love with the touches we shared.

Finally, I broke the silence,” Josh…”

“Yes?” he replied happily.

“How many girls have you had in this position before me?” I asked him timidly. He sat in silence for a long moment before speaking.

“I’ve brought two other girls home for Christmas before,” he told me.

“Who?” I asked, tilting my head to look up at him.

He looked back at me and said,” Victoria and Shannon.”

“Oh,” I said, retuning my head back to his chest, losing myself in thought once again when he cut me off.

“You, however, are the first one to be in this exact place, here, with me, and you will be the last,” he said, his voice shaking slightly. I didn’t move, just laid against him, his heartbeat lulling me closer to sleep. I finally began to process his words and opened my eyes, then slowly looked back up at him.

“We’re only supposed to open one gift on Christmas Eve, but I think you are an exception,” he told me, turning over to grab another small box, this one wrapped in white paper with a red ribbon tied around it. He turned back over and scooted away from me slightly, opening space between us to bring the box before me. “Open it,” he whispered. I looked into his eyes for a short second then did as I was told.

Once it was unwrapped and was just a pure black, leather box, he took it out of my hand and said,” Will you do me the honor of being the last girl to lay in my nap room, cuddled against me, under my Christmas tree?” He opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. The band was gold and there was just one little diamond on the top. It was more than perfect. “Will you marry me?”  I looked at Josh, my mouth open, wanting to say, yell, scream:  yes, but words escaped me. Josh’s face began to blur as tears began to rush from my eyes down my cheeks.

Finally, I nodded and whispered,” Yes.” Josh laughed nervously and took my left hand in his, sliding the ring onto my ring finger then kissing my hand after. He kissed me on the lips, like he did while his family was still with us. This time I didn’t let him pull away. I reached up with my left hand and rubbed the back of his neck, applying pressure to keep him to me. When he did finally pull away, he brushed his lips over mine slightly then whispered against my lips,” I love you, Hannah.”

“I love you, Josh,” was the last thing I got to say before both of us were swept into sleep, my arms tucked in-between our chests and his strong arms wrapped securely around me, our heartbeats in rhythm with one another.

I heard scuffling and felt small whiffs of air coming from the movement of the blankets lying next to me and opened my eyes steadily, they burned thanks to the light streaming in from the windows in Josh’s parents’ front room. I looked up and saw the branches of his Christmas tree hanging over my head. I heard a sloshing sound and the little tinking of mugs tapping against each other. I inhaled through my nose and smiled with the familiar scent of hot chocolate and pine tree.

                “Morning, beautiful,” Josh whispered to me, setting down the tray holding the mugs and kissing my cheek lightly.

“Merry Christmas,” I replied to him, smiling sleepily.

He laid back down next to me, kissed my nose then said,” You’re exactly what I wanted.”

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